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A web presence is very helpful for a business, especially an arts business - what better way to let people see what you do? I can create for you a simple website with 10-15 images, contact information, and links to your blog, Etsy shop and Facebook page. A webpage allows people who hear of your work to find you online, and for people who've never heard of you to find you through web searches for your meduim. Be a part of the 21st century! For $299 I can build a you a single page website.  I can walk you through  registering your domain name and acquiring a hosting package.
I can also host your single-page website for an additional $50 annually.
Updates to the original site will be priced on a case-by-case basis, and run from $25 per photo to $100 and up to build additional pages for your site.
Here are some pages I've built

Fine Mess Pottery
Maine Pottery Tour
Bev Wainer
Mudgirl Pottery

Contact me at this link with questions or interest.

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